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About Parks PR

Kyle Parks, principal of Parks PR, has held senior positions in the journalism, corporate, and PR agency fields, giving him the ability to help organizations of all types. 

We believe that public relations is an important part of any business and strive to provide the best and most efficient service to our clients.


Experience is the key to ultimate success in public relations

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Principal at B2 Communications, a public relations agency

Kyle co-founded B2 Communications with PR pro Missy Hurley in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was a leader at B2 for 13 years before launching his solo practice, Parks PR. Over that time, B2 built a reputation as one of Florida’s top PR agencies, working in a wide variety of sectors, from banking and real estate to hotels and higher education. 


Principal at Parks PR, a solo public relations practice 

At Parks PR, he works with clients in a number of different industries and disciplines


Senior-level PR & marketing roles for two Fortune 1000 companies, Walter Industries and Plum Creek.

In his role as Director of Corporate Communications for Walter Industries, Inc., then a $1.4-billion public company, he handled media relations and employee communications, while assisting in investor relations communications. He also handled crisis communications for a coal mining accident that resulted in 13 deaths; a serious environmental issue; and a violent employee strike. 


Kyle then became Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Jim Walter Homes, which at the time sold more than 3,500 homes a year in 18 states. He was in charge of advertising, model homes, media relations, and digital marketing for the homebuilder.


At Plum Creek (now part of Weyerhaeuser), he headed sales and marketing at the land development division for the company, which at the time was one of the nation’s largest private landowners. He handled digital marketing, advertising, Realtor relations, and public relations for the division, which developed property for second homes in five states.


Business reporter & editor, Tampa Bay Times 

Kyle’s journalism career included roles as a business reporter and editor at the Tampa Bay Times (St. Petersburg Times), where he won an award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors for the best newspaper real estate story in the country. 

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